"ChimpLoot is a shopping experience fueled by our love of Art, Anime, Gaming and all things Collectables."


ChimpLoot is a shopping experience fueled by our love of Art, Anime, Gaming and all things Collectables.

The Shop is run by me, Angel. I'm an Illustrator and Comic Book Artist at GorillaSketch.com. With the help of my daughter—The Mini Human—we curate a collection of unique and exciting knick-knacks that we've discovered on our journeys.

ChimpLoot is an ever-growing collection of things we love. Each item we offer is a testament to our passion, carefully selected to bring joy and excitement to fellow enthusiasts like you. Join us on this thrilling journey as we unveil an ever growing treasure trove of collectibles.

We hope you guys feel welcome and have a great time. We want you to feel right at home here, and we hope you have an amazing time exploring our little world. So kick back, browse through our collection, and have some fun. Oh and Supplies are limited so if you see something you like grab it while it last.

Thank you for joining us on this thrilling journey. We can't wait to share more incredible finds with you!



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